New Business, New Website, New Home!


Today's been a big day. I've finalised TidyMedia's website design... for at least five minutes (I know I'll be tweaking it forevermore!) and I've also enjoyed my first day's membership of a great new co-working space in Cardiff.

One day a week, I'll be working from space2Cowork at the maltings. There are a number of reasons why I wanted to work away from home occasionally, and a number of reasons why I chose this particular space.

First of all, a day "in the office" reminds me that I need to work. I get up a bit earlier to walk the dog so that I can maximise the amount of time I spend in the co-working space;  I've started out on a days-per-month rather than an hours-per month contract, so I want each day to be as full as possible. I don't waste time tidying things that don't need tidied (and anything that does need done can be done after I get home). Nor do I fuss over the dog, trying to coax displays of affection or adoration from him, or (more likely) fretting over whatever he's currently destroying.

I also really like the idea of seeing real people in the real world. I've met a few of my co-co-workers today (sorry, I couldn't resist). Maybe I'm a bit of a hippie at heart, but I value the idea of joining a diverse yet complimentary community of small businesses and freelancers. Chat and banter with others really gets the creative juices flowing, and if I build business relationships and friendships that can be mutually beneficial, that can only be a good thing.

Having worked over a decade for a huge corporate behemoth, getting off the merry-go-round was a huge attraction for me. I always wanted my business to have a strong focus on the "little gender-neutral human". The Symbiosis of my small business helping other small businesses to develop, whilst they in turn help mine to develop, is greatly appealing, and where better to achieve that than in a co-working space populated with like-minded entrepreneurs?

So why not every day? Quite frankly, I do cherish the idea of working from home. I want that time with my young pup, that slower pace of life, the comfort of my own surroundings. But you know what they say about too much of a good thing. There's also the cost of a fuller membership to consider, on top of fuel/transport costs, and my lack of willpower when it comes to avoiding Deliveroo.

I believe that a single place of work can be stifling. A change is as good as a rest, and whatever other cliches you'd care to throw into the mix. A day or two in a different environment will do me good. Otherwise, it could be easy for me to become overwhelmed with the business of business.

So why this particular space? Followers of my Social Media accounts may well have seen a previous post about the potential merits and pitfalls of co-working, in which I promised a progress report.

Look out for my next post to learn what set space2cowork apart from the competitors.